What We Stand For

Pi-Lab is the Niagara College Business School’s new home of ‘Business Productivity’, which was originally founded in 2013 to help Canadian SMEs achieve sustainable productivity gains and cultivate liaison between government, academia, and industry.

What We Do

Pi-Lab works closely with the School of Technology and School of Business to leverage existing talent and to explore new offerings. Pi-lab partners with leading venture capital firms and other strategic investors to provide the resources and services to maximize the potential of new start-ups. The services that follow will be offered at the Pi-Lab:

  • Business consulting services on Productivity, Strategy, Branding, Market awareness and expansion, Culture, and Innovation.
  • Testing of ideas and launching of new companies
  • Recruitment of human capital and raising of financial capital
  • Offering of resources to infuse start-ups

Background – The Issue

Canadian businesses have fallen far behind foreign productivity levels as compared to other OECD countries. It is now time for more private sector enterprises to step up internal efforts to become more productive. Current productivity improvements are being implemented on large companies, but as 99% of Canadian companies are SME’s, Pi-Labs is the first of its kind to offer a framework to help Canadian SMEs effectively tackle this productivity gap.